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A hack n slash game where you use your magic brush to fight the shadows that have consumed the color of the world. Your brush can store different colors that give you different powers and you can even combine them! Another very important feature is that everything in the environment can help you when you paint it with your brush.  Different objects will produce different effects like recovering your health, summon allies, attack the enemies, create a shield to cover you , etc.Paint the world and fight the shadows to restore color to this dead world!This build includes a small level where you can enjoy most of the mechanics of the game. A lot of the art is placeholder in it but the gameplay is there.

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

I really liked the story that began to happen in the demo. I liked that there. I'm not for sure but there seems to be different decisiones like lighting the torch or not (I only lit the torches). If that's the case then this is really cool :)

The level itself seemed to drag itself for me. This was because I got kinda lost in where I should go. Maybe a map or minimap would be good ... a map that only shows the places you have explored. In that way I keep exploring without getting lost.
Also in the starting area of the forest there's so much space that seems to tell me that there are hidden things but there's nothing ... that kinda feel disappointing.

At the shop, it felt really weird cause I approach the door and nothing happens so I assumed it was just part of the scene... I had to approach it from the upper side for the shop ui to appear. Also I think that the shop only opens at night? Maybe something should give you a hint to go in the night like if you try to use the shop in daytime it says "Open only at night".

The UI really needs more work. I understand this is early in development but the letters and numbers keep blending with the background and I can't see them clearly. This happens a lot with the upper part of the UI... also it's really hard to spot the price in the shop ui cause it's all tucked away in the corner. The same goes for the UI that shows you how many coins I have. I'm not telling you to have beatiful UI but just functional UI event if it's placeholder. Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm telling you this cause I want to help you.

2 years ago

For the UI I would recommend you to change the font to something clearer and making the white rectangles less transparent. Also you should work on the position of the elements so they are more easily noticed.

2 years ago

no prob man :)

by the way I'm looking for feedback on my own game.

Would you mind checking my game?

2 years ago

Thx :)

2 years ago