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After years of waiting now you make your own city and lead its way to success with. it has everything you can think from industrial demand to providing water supply.   HOW TO PLAY ● Every building must be placed near road ● Roads have to be connected with each other ● Some buildings requires others (for example city hall needs water and electricity and some other buildings requires city hall) ● Houses increase the population ● Parks increase the approval rating ● Dirty factories are cheap and produce more money, but they decrease the approval rating. ● Services increase the approval rating and produce a lot of money. They are also the most expensive. ● If you don't have enough space to build you can buy a new empty area. Open the map to see the whole city world!

● 1.8  - New snow mountains environment - New snowfall weather - More realistic weather: raining on desert is much more rare, there is a bit more rain on island environment - Added pollution simulation - New citizens' thoughts - Faster time speed - Bugfix

i would like to add a better saving feature


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