Airplane Wars


Do you like io based games? Looks like it's a great time to take a part in the most addictive battle :)   Don't worry about anything. Pick up your airplane and start the battle. Everything is quite simple. You need to collect as many points as you can to be on the top. Area has a lot of energy balls. Collect them so that you get bigger and faster!   Is there a king crown? Cool! Hit everyone to explode them and get additional points :)   Let me share one more tip - try to collect magnets. It's very helpful thing! With magnets you can attract the energy balls with a wider radius.   It's really easy to play. Just move your finger in any direction and the player will follow it.   So, you have 2 minutes to become the best one! There are 6 opponents to you. Just rush and collect points, explode enemies and be on the top.   Good luck :)


goldfire 1 year ago

Game Graphics Animation
I love the overall look and feel of the game. The graphics are great, especially for an IO game and the UI seems to work really well with it. I think the gameplay of having 6 opponents and making it time limited to just 2 minutes is a great way to get a bite of gameplay when there isn't much time available. The one area that I think would really make things pop is making some improvements to the overall "juice" factor with little animations and general polish. Since the energy balls are such a key part of the gameplay, they should really feel alive and full of energy. They felt a little too static and the animations that pulled them in just sort of felt off (too rigid, maybe they need some more interesting easing). I think polishing up those areas will really help take the game to the next level. Great work!
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