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Remove The Eternal Abyss - game is discontinued

6 years ago by dadimac

Hey, admins, check out https://roastmygame.com/game/the-eternal-abyss - the game is discontinued... is there a function to remove or archive it?


deadfire55 6 years ago

Hi, thanks for letting me know! Currently there is no way to delete games and would require a bit of work. So for right now, I've removed the images and changed the title. I'll add a Delete button to my To-Do list :)

gamer4ever 2 years ago

Well the delete button is still not added and it's 4 years. When are you gonna implement it. I need to delete a game which I accidentally uploaded 4 times due to network and "add image1" issues. Also can you make it so that we can change our username.