Project - N43 / Minecraft interactive film

PROJECT N43:  is an adventurous journey into the mysterious world of Minecraft, but with a big twist - you enter the story of a dude who escapes from a lab and whose only identity is the N-43 designation. Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a dramatic movie where your decisions shape the plot and every step brings you closer or further away from discovering N-43. You explore the mysterious surroundings of the lab, where every corner holds a secret, and feel the tension ripple through the air. You'll need to use Minecraft's game mechanics to survive and discover the truth behind N-43. Mining, building and surviving are your tools to overcome obstacles and uncover hidden secrets. The sound design and music will immerse you in the atmosphere and each sound will have its own meaning. Every decision you make will have consequences and every moment will carry you closer to liberation or to finding the answer to what happened to N-43 and why he escaped. Your adventure will be filled with suspense, twists and mystery. You'll feel your choices coming back to you in the form of different endings, and you may realize that freedom doesn't always mean happiness. But one thing is certain - the journey to discover the truth about N-43 will take you on an adventurous and unforgettable journey. Minimum system spec: Procesor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Grafic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 Ram: 600MB Disk: 2,1GB    #adventure #fangame #horror #fnaf #action #rpg #arcade #platformer #multiplayer #vr #retro #roguelike #scifi #survival #pointnclick #puzzle #shooter #sports #strategy #textadventure #altgame #analog #fnf #undertale #bendy #other #minecraft #film #fnaf #fnaf #fnaf #fnaf #fnaf #fnaf

Gregs Deadly Draft - Mascot Horror Game In A Football Field!

The new horror game that features a real shark mascot called Greg’s, who will try to get you! Silvercity Sharks just released a new horror mascot game called Greg’s Deadly Draft, featuring a real shark mascot called Greg. Play against Greg White Shark in a battle for your life as he tries to recruit you for his failing football team. Greg is putting you through several trials to see if you would make a good fit on his roster. Dropped by your adversaries is a potion that gives you an advantage in combat and stealth. Try to get around greg’s deadly traps in order to escape his football field horror! Make your way to the depths of the stadium and find the clues to get your way out! Greg’s Deadly Draft is a Single-player horror mascot game where you have to complete a set of challenges by the deadly mascot, evade traps and complete puzzles in order to continue. The players are tasked with doing challenges such as throwing your football at targets, collect serums and much more. You will also be chased around the map, while you can always throw footballs at the enemies head as you will be equipped with unlimited number of footballs which you can throw at targets, alongside of others such as the anchor – which will stop enemies dead on their tracks for a limited time only. Watch the official trailer below: Will you be checking it out and get into Greg’s deadly draft? If you do, then be sure to check it out and support the developers. You can try out the game right now on STEAM here available for only $4.99.Additional Links: STEAM PAGE: YOUTUBE: TWITTER: TIKTOK: