Jupiter Melon

1 day ago

Welcome to the pixelated planets of 'Jupiter Melon,' an 8-bit-inspired roguelite deckbuilding game that takes you on an interstellar journey to save the galaxy. Strap on your jetpack and dive into procedurally generated caves across various planets, each holding valuable artefacts.Gameplay Highlights: Jetpack Maneuvers: Fly through alien caverns using your trusty jetpack, avoiding the walls to maintain the cavern's stability. Artefact Collection: Follow your radar through the caverns to find the Artefact, unlocking powerful cards that will shape your strategy. Card-Based Chaos: Trade collected artefacts for a variety of cards, each with unique effects that can aid your journey. Cards are drawn randomly to keep each run fresh and unpredictable. Beware, once you have drawn all your cards you had better get out fast! Fuel Management: Gather fuel to jump between star systems and explore further planets, each with its own set of artefacts. Boss Showdown: Face off against a formidable cosmic boss in an intense 8-bit showdown. Success demands not only strategic deckbuilding but also a well-timed gun card to conquer the final challenge. Features: Strategic Deckbuilding: Build and refine your deck with each run, adapting to challenges and optimizing for the ultimate boss encounter. Immersive 8-Bit Aesthetics: Retro-inspired visuals create a nostalgic atmosphere that complements the cosmic adventure. Chiptune OST: Audio was made using the TIC-80 tracker. This is the largest project to date where I have managed to create the music and SFX myself :) Procedural Generation: Endless replayability with dynamically generated galaxy for a unique experience in every playthrough. This is a prototype put together in 6 weeks. I am trying to find funding to develop this game further based on feedback I receive here so if you have any suggestions or criticism please roast away :)

Gorilla Mukbang! ASMR Eating

6 days ago

Are you a fan of stress buster ASMR mukbang eating videos? If so, then you'll love this monster Gorilla Mukbang Challenge! With this exciting new ape mukbang food eating show you will help a hungry gorilla & ape eat his way through a variety of delicious foods. The gorilla is hungry and to feed him you have to solve sort and match puzzles. Time is short, and his hunger is getting him lose his mind so try to be fast in matching & sorting puzzles to unlock his next food adventure and be fast in solving the food sorting match puzzles to take him to the next mukbang challenge quickly. From fruits, vegetables, sushi and pizza, candies and his favorite bananas there are different foods to feed him in each level and listen to those chewing sounds for some satisfying ASMR triggers followed by ASMR sounds.Sort & Match food to Help the monster gorilla eat as much food as possible before the time runs out. Tap on foods in an oddly satisfying way to feed him and watch the live mukbang show for a relaxing and satisfying experience with ultimate ASMR Triggers. But be careful don’t eat the wrong item, or you'll make him lose his temper.Gorilla mukbang challenge features a variety of different satisfying mukbang challenges & eating shows to keep you engaged with each level followed by a sort and match food puzzle, you have to help the gorilla eat his food quickly.Gorilla Mukbang Challenge is a fun and challenging game that's perfect for anyone who loves mukbang eating shows. With its delicious food, exciting challenges, and easy-to-play controls, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.