Melon heist


Melon Heist is a thrilling game that combines teamwork and strategy. As the boyfriend, your task is to throw watermelons from a truck, aiming for the basket on your girlfriends bicycle.

 Heres how it works: Throw the Melons: Use your skills to accurately toss watermelons into the basket. The more melons you land, the higher your score. Avoid Fouls: Missing the basket results in a foul, which affects your overall score. Power-Ups: Discover various power-ups to enhance your performance: Extra Melons: Gain additional watermelons for more chances to score. Score Multipliers: Earn bonus points during a limited time. Features: Addictive Gameplay: Simple yet challenging mechanics keep you engaged. Vibrant Graphics: Enjoy colorful visuals that bring the heist to life. Competitive Scoring: Compete globally for the highest leaderboard score. Objective: Master the art of precise throws, avoid penalties, and maximize your score. Are you ready for the ultimate watermelon caper?

Many more things about to come. Keep tuned, we are going to convert this into  a full interactive game pretty soon.


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