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Lithobius is a nonlinear, exploration-based 2D platformer (Metroidvania) set on a "seemingly desolate planet." You are a woman named Armis Venandi, who is in a tank exploring the underground maze of this planet. You soon discover that there are giant, carnivorous bugs that want to destroy your tank and eat you alive. Among these monstrocities are giant termites, beetles, ants, moths, and spiders, though there are more to discover. As you explore the game world, you will find new weapons and upgrades for your tank. Find armor upgrades to increase your hit points, bomb upgrades to increase your bomb capacity, spatial data disks to add data to your in-game map, and machine parts for a surprise if you find all six. There are six locations to explore, nine enemy types, four bosses, and multiple save tents for saving your progress. This game has both keyboard support and controller support. This solo-project was created using Multimedia Fusion 2. I made all of the assets myself using only gray colors. I am definetly not a pixel art or animation expert, so any feedback on those matters is definetly welcome. I apologize for the current lack of music and sound effects. I'm still trying to figure out how to make those. Also, the backgrounds are incomplete. As far as the core gameplay and level design goes, however, the game is mostly complete. Feedback on those matters is welcome as well. This is my first large-scale game, so feel free to leave any critisisms. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you enjoy playing the early version of Lithobius. -Neil CudneyClickteam Fusion Engine, 1 Player, Resolution: 800 x 600 p, 60 Frames per Second Estimated Game Length: 30-60 minutes for a first-time play-through Keyboard Controls:  wasd to move  1 (num keypad) or , key: jump and confirm selections in menus  2 (num keypad) or . key: shoot  3 (num keypad) or / key: pause and view map and player stats  spacebar: toggle weapon W to use the save tent Controller (Xbox 360) Controller Stick: move A Button: jump and confirm selections in menus X Button: shoot Y Button: pause and view map and player stats B Button: toggle weapon Up: use the save tent. Button configurations may vary depending on your controller.