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Racing Game

A game made in python with the Turtle lib (Python isn't really a good programming language for games) All songs are non-copyrighted and artists are given credits in game Requires internet connection, otherwise you will not be able to connect to the database You can suggest any other tracks that would fit the game!

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation

You should just work more on the animation to prevent it from lagging

1 week ago
Level Design

You can surely move from just editing the unity tutorial project. It would be much better if you done the code by yourself and not only the front end that was also served on the table.

1 week ago
Level Design Game Graphics

Maybe a download link? So I can try the game mechanics?

1 week ago

Yeah, course. You can see the upcoming features and it will include better car shapes. U can also suggest some music that would fit the game that is non-copyrighted!

1 week ago

I think that the background is a bit "heavy". I have removed the "Finish" with letters and those billboards.

1 week ago
Game Graphics Controls

So what is it about? Some platformer or something else?

1 week ago

DailyD: a serious game for young people with Down's Syndrome

Racing Game