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Mechanics Level Design

The mechanics, menus, animations, scrolling, and pinch/spread to zoom are all really impressive, so is the music.

The text is a little small.

Some menus could use a large prompt stating what the goal is at that screen: (choose a hero, choose level ups) I got the hang of it pretty fast though.

I played the Sorcerer and thought it was a little easy? I havent had to use any items so far. It seems like being able to stack/use all of the abilities in the same turn is really overpowered, especially with two aoe moves, one that heals, and one that slows. Maybe needs some tweaking to make things a little more stressful during gameplay. It is really fun though, to teleport and use fire and hail.

The bosses that have given achievements have been pretty easy to kill also.

The playable characters could be a little more memorable appearance wise.

3 years ago

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