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Controls Level Design

make new things that makes players wants play more and more for exemple make new backgrounds new effects new objects new colors.
but its a beautiful game really i love it good job.

3 years ago
Level Design UI Graphics

the game is perfect you need a little touches to make your game unique from others game.

3 years ago
Animation Game Graphics

i didnt understand your game sorry.

3 years ago

i'm sorry for being rude i wish you all the best and it doesn't mean the game is bad, me my self i did a lot of bad games. keep going and im looking forward for more updates and more games.

3 years ago
Controls Game Graphics

its a funny game i really like it but you can make your graphics more better.

3 years ago
UI Graphics Controls

it looks like stack game but in other way its original idea. just one thing i cant get some space back after a perfect landings.

3 years ago