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Tommy the Toe and the Chamber of Hostile Carpentry

Hi! TL;DR; My girlfriend broke a toe, so I made a game about it. It's called: Tommy the Toe and the Chamber of Hostile Carpentry Here's the TestFlight invite. Setting: You are a Toe Your goal is to avoid pain The weather forecast says FURNITURE RAIN! Example gameplay from an earlier version of the game My current testers have become quite good at it, so whilst I'm working on the new ways to torture them, I'd love to hear from someone with a fresh pair of eyes/thumbs. The game seems fun (if not mildly addictive) so I hope it'll be worth your time! A word on feedback/QA scope: I have a bunch of specific questions (+identified issues), but for this release I'd like to avoid anchoring you. So, if there's anything you'd like to say, be it about the controls, gameplay, design, performance, crashes, the title being a bit weird, or anything else—shoot. Screenshots, videos, etc... are more than welcome. So far people like it, hope you'll enjoy it!

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Some feedback:

I like the mechanics, they're super simple, seem easy to adjust and playtest. Plus, it's fun once you figure out what the hell you're supposed to do.

This can be solved with a bit of UX work:

- notification/modal/toast when you die (even adding red tint to the screen or a flash would help)
- popup/modal/notification once the game session starts (e.g. "Avoid asteroids, hit any key to play")

The previous comments says that an alert box is shown when you die—I didn't see it. If you added it using `window.alert()` my browser might've just blocked it, although I've tested in on 3 different ones (FF, Chrome, Safari). If that's not the case, maybe consider something less invasive, easier to interact with than the tiny "Play again" button?


- since we're in space you might want to handle the physics slightly differently, e.g. include angular velocity, current momentum when moving the probe, so it slides/rotates a bit so the player has to adjust for that

Also, consider porting it to a mobile platform/adding mobile controls. You can still do it without publishing an app, just make sure your CSS supports mobile and you allow for touch input controls.

Happy to take another look if you make some changes. You can message me via @rafalpast on Twitter too.

11 months ago

Aargh, thanks for the tip, fixed now.

There was a link in the description but forgot to add it in the form. You should be able to access the beta now.

11 months ago

Hey, yes, at some point. Android port shouldn't be that hard, but I need to wrap up a couple of other tasks first. I'll let you know once it's out!

I'm currently working on a global scoring system as some testers have become quite competitive and I'm getting tired of passing screenshots between people:)

My goal is to wrap up the game in its current shape, add a bit more polish, deploy to the App Store and from that point on keep adding small iterative updates, such as new levels, mobs, powerups, bosses, easter eggs and flairs. I want to keep this as a 2-3h a week hobby.

I'll be charging 1$/1£ for the game, but leave a bunch of TestFlight invites for those, who can't pay and are happy to support me with testing feedback. Will follow a similar approach for Android/Play Store.

11 months ago

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