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Citadel Stormer

CITADEL STORMER is a fun little platformer.Gameplay summary: - Avoid spikes and lightning bolts - Fight robotic enemies - Find keys and flip switches to open doors - Perform jumping challenges This game is in early access. I will be updating this game and adding new things. Feedback welcome.

Game Graphics Controls

Your control system is broken. If I press down and then press left or right, I cant move. I need to press left and right again. For a game like yours, where player dies on one hit, the controls should be smooth and perfect.

Your bullets move very slowly.

The monsters also move much faster and they catch up with me in an instant.

There should have been a health bar for the player.

2 weeks ago

thanks for your feedback. exactly what aspect of the controls do you feel needs work?

1 week ago

hi. Thanks for your valuable input.
Yes. A lot of players have told me that the controls are weird. I am currently working to fix that!

1 week ago

Citadel Stormer