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Sign up to get a limited-time Steam key that will last until July 25: Ambidangerous is an indie top-down shooter that challenges your ambidexterity. Simultaneously control two elite soldiers as you fight your way through four randomized areas, five unique bosses, and a dozen enemy types. Take the challenge alone or share the controller with a friend for co-op play. Yep, you can play couch co-op with just one controller, at the same time. Just snuggle up to a friend and each of you grip one side---the controls are mapped so that each hand works independent of the other. Or you can use two controllers. But a controller is required; mouse and keyboard are not supported.

Game Graphics Level Design

I enjoyed this a lot more once I figured out how to switch to tilt controls. The default left/right taps was a bit boring. I think it could do with some boost pads a la F-Zero/Mario Kart to make it a bit more challenging to get faster times/speeds (maybe I didn't get that far). A boost mechanic might also be good. Looks great! Keep up the good work.

11 months ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Looks and plays great. Music is irritating. My biggest complaint is the weapon progression. Felt like I spent too much time farming stars in level one to get the upgrade. I made it to level two.

11 months ago

Game is pretty easy. There seem to be long stretches where you go without finding any stars (or unable to blow up blocks that block the star drops), so it might just be a case of spreading them out more evenly. I would say it started feeling like farming after I gathered 10 or so. I think that first upgrade will hook people, so it should be introduced more quickly.

11 months ago