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Cat N Mouse

Play as a cat or a mouse in this fun multiplayer chase game!! Best played in full screen mode. The game rules are simple Cat wins if it manages to catch mouse before time runs out. Else it loses Mouse wins if it manages to evade the cat until cats time runs out Mouse looses if it runs out of time Mouse can buy time by nibbling on cheeze Press and hold mouse to move your character.  Use Z, X keys to zoom in and out

Mechanics Controls

Nice concept. Its basically a memory game. if the mazes get bigger i think it will be very hard to solve it. you can provide a sound cue when the player is too close to an edge. The quit button doesnt seem to work for me

4 months ago
Mechanics Level Design

This is like one of those miniclip stress buster games. It would be nice to add some complexity to the game to keep players hooked

4 months ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

The game has good graphics and physics but its buggy. The game froze twice while I was playing

4 months ago

Yup, mozilla

4 months ago

thank you for your feedback!!. The timer doesnt decrease?....thats strange. are you using an older version of firefox?. animal gets stuck on wall at entrances.....yes i was aware and I call it a feature not a bug :)) . The animation is a bit laggy because its a server simulated game and not peer to peer. Let me see if I can add client side prediction to smooth it out. Hope you enjoyed playing !!

4 months ago

Thanks buddy!! . . I am still not sure whats causing this. Do you see any error in the browser console? .I am sure its only a browser issue and not a server issue. The game will still function as intended.

4 months ago

Thank you for your feedback!! I know nothing about ai so its a far fetched idea :(

4 months ago

Blind Maze

Escape Blocks