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Exit: A Biodelic Adventure

"Nano, Bio, Neuro" is the slogan of the new age. Exit: A Biodelic Adventure is a classic sci-fi point'n'click set in a surreal biotech world where computers can be fed and cured, spores of mutant insects revive memory, gene-locks are opened with DNA-passwords, household objects are born in animal bio-factories, gene-modified molds generate a virtual reality, and the artificial neural net epidemic is ravaging the human race and turning people into slaves of the mysterious Worm. Having entered this brave new world, can you find the exit?Please support the game on Greenlight in your browser or in your Steam client.  For fans of the biopunk subgenre, early movies of David Cronenberg (Videodrome, eXistenZ), the books of Stanislav Lem and Paul Di Philippo, the comics of Charles Burns, and the classic Darkseed and Vangers games.

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I love the art! It's really classy! But I've found the white font rather hard to read: it's both its color and the lettering.

2 months ago

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