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Word Hero | Fun with Friends

Hello Fellow Friends!   My name is Melih, I have a deep enthusiasm for playing and making games.  We are making a multiplayer word game similar to Words with Friends but more engaging!   Our vision for Word Hero is to be a direct competitor with Words with Friends. As 2 man indie studio, we are going really big.  Please evaluate the game and give your thoughts and opinions. Your feedback will help us to move a step closer to Zynga.  Join iPhone TestFlight: Can I see the gameplay? Video:   How do I play? Two players can enjoy this simple yet challenging game (single player BOT is easy). Players take turns calling out a letter. As each letter is called out, players must write the letter somewhere on their grid. Players can choose any letter they like, and letters can be repeated.    How do I win? The goal is to make as many meaningful words as possible (Vertical & Horizontal). Longer the words length, higher the score gets!   3 Letter Words: 50 Points 4 Letter Words: 75 Points 5 Letter Words: 100 Points   Is that all? No, we want to hear your feedback on the game. We will return the favor. Thank you!

Mechanics Level Design

I think swinging mechanics are really nice and reminds me to old Worms Game where we used rope to swing around. Swinging mechanics are nice however level design is not going well with the swing. Actually I want to feel rush where the uniterrupted swings are rewared and keeps you going faster and faster. Level design should be among the clouds where it is not interrupted to feel rush and dropping out is dangerous. Otherwise it is a fun bite size game.

Maybe you should try endless runner type among clouds. Could be more successfull. However just let users test one simple stage before going on :)

2 years ago

Hello Thielsteven,

Thank you for your feedback! I would like to learn more about your opinion. Which part of the game is confusing?

The person who use the letters most effective wins the game. And you are right, we will make a version of the game as you described like "Words with Friends". Thanks for the feedback!

Please join the test BETA test and let us know what we can improve! We are only building the core game loop (There might be some little bugs, those are not gameplay:) )
Word Hero for iPhone (Testflight):

I'll be also testing your game and providing feedback. See you around.

2 years ago

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