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Break the rules of reality in this mind-bending turn based puzzle game.Help Pi, a courageous slime, to reach its goal by rotating the world on its sides. Challenge yourself with Pizen's unique puzzles full of mysterious obstacles, hazards and more.Website:

Mechanics Level Design

I like the core mechanic - Simple and fun.
Controls also feel nice and responsive.
The sound is good too.
Now I don't know if it's my phone but the game lags after 10-12 points sometimes. I wouldn't worry too much about it since my android phone is crappy but still if you want to also target people with crappy phones, you will have to optimize the game more.
I haven't reached a score more than 120 and the gameplay was the same throughout so I would suggest to add more elements and if you already have more elements, add them before since I started getting bored after 10-12 games.
Overall, it's a perfect fit for the mobile market. Good Luck!

2 years ago