Dash N Dodge


Dash 'N' Dodge is a one-touch arcade game where you must survive as long as possible by dodging the falling spikes!

- Tap to change your movement direction
- Dodge the spikes to survive
- Collect coins to buy themes

- Simple controls
- 5 Themes to collect
- Achievements
- Leaderboard


Vegeta 6 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
The mechanics are fun and addictive and i like your graphic style but i think the sound is desynchronized.

rebelrabbit 6 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I don't have an Android right now, so this feedback is based on watching the video.

First of all, I thought this game was a clone of the "The Impossible Game" based on the first theme you're showing in the video (0:03), I think you should change the colors.

What I like:
-Simple gameplay and mechanics makes the game easy to play and get you hooked really fast.

What can improve:

-Level design. Right now it looks like you're just making a random spike to fall down, Instead, you could make different patterns and use them according of the progression of the level.

-Music: Assuming that you're using the music from the video on the game, I have to say that I like the fact that the genre is electronic, but, I think it's too slow paced from all the action happening on the screen. I would like to be awarded as a player with a more frenetic-fast paced song for dodgin/not dying all the spikes that are falling.

-Font: You're using a pixel font for the title of your game but the instructions font is a completely different one. You should be using the same font for all the text in the game (I like more the pixel one).

Good luck and keep up with the good work!

manaskulkarni786 6 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
I like the core mechanic - Simple and fun.
Controls also feel nice and responsive.
The sound is good too.
Now I don't know if it's my phone but the game lags after 10-12 points sometimes. I wouldn't worry too much about it since my android phone is crappy but still if you want to also target people with crappy phones, you will have to optimize the game more.
I haven't reached a score more than 120 and the gameplay was the same throughout so I would suggest to add more elements and if you already have more elements, add them before since I started getting bored after 10-12 games.
Overall, it's a perfect fit for the mobile market. Good Luck!

gladgib 6 years ago

Controls Level Design
Gameplay wise, I really like one touch controls on phone games. It feels really fast paced and suiting in your game. It feels comfortable to play with.

However, just by watching the video alone, I can immediately see that this is very similar to many other mobile games I've played that involves objects falling from the sky and the player has to avoid it. Just by looking at the video/screenshots, I wouldn't have downloaded it. I've seen many successful games which takes similar gameplay from other games too, but just by adding unique mechanics/concepts to it really spiced up the game and makes it really special.

There are many ways you can make it feel distinctive, such as:
-Concept: Can be something funny, like have birds flying and drop their feces from the sky. You can also make it intense by having bombs and lasers shooting from the sky (just giving some examples here)
-Gameplay: add powerups, new game modes
-Game progression: instead of only increasing the spikes drop rate as the game progresses, try to vary the game. For example, you can make the spikes go in a zig-zag motion, or spawn 10% of spikes with a different color which explodes on contact

Good luck and happy game dev-ing!


Pedro5280 6 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
I liked the mechanics of the game since I am very interested in 2D games. I liked the idea, even though it needs a lot of work... I believe the Dev has a great project to work on and I hope to see more of this.

madappontheline 6 years ago

Animation Level Design
Game looks good. Great job. I like the animations and the music is retroish, I like.
Needs work:
Maybe we can have different obstacles as time progresses?
Maybe we can have different animations for this obstacles?

Maybe we can make the menu a bit more interactive. For example we could have links on the menu and other stuff.

I did not see a score on this video. Maybe a score system would be cool.

All in all it looks like a very fun game to play. I will download it once I get a chance.
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