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The mapping looks great utilizing the default RTP of RPGMaker. I'm biased, though, I like the graphics from the RTP :)

Story seemed extremely cliched so far. It wouldn't be enough to pull me into the game at this point. I would continue just to explore the world though (I like doing that). I have several RPGMaker titles for the exploration. Their story lines are just to drab. If you have the story line (or dialogue) laid out, I would consider taking another pass or two much like a novelist does during their writing process. Breath of Fire took me a while to get into the story since it started out so darn slow :)
Take that with a grain of salt since I haven't seen the rest of the game. Perhaps you have some great plot twists along the way.

7 years ago

EDIT: I don't see a way to edit posts.

I just noticed the Demo download button. I'll give this a try. My quick analysis was based on your video.

7 years ago

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