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Shadow Brick Master

Still working on google play has removed my game from google play store because icons that open external links look like in game icons. Still working on that. But for now I have this game also on Kongregate. You can try it here: / Click on your screen to turn the player. Land on the same color or die. Think fast to stay alive.Please give me sincere feedback on this game I would like to improve upon it. Thank you.

Animation Level Design

Game looks good. Great job. I like the animations and the music is retroish, I like.
Needs work:
Maybe we can have different obstacles as time progresses?
Maybe we can have different animations for this obstacles?

Maybe we can make the menu a bit more interactive. For example we could have links on the menu and other stuff.

I did not see a score on this video. Maybe a score system would be cool.

All in all it looks like a very fun game to play. I will download it once I get a chance.

2 years ago

Dash N Dodge