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Level Design Controls

I played the first six levels. I like the progression of the puzzles. I was confused at the beginning, i kept clicking the mirrors trying to fire the laser at them only to realize you have to click anywhere BUT the mirror to fire the laser. Also when i popped all the bubbles, there's a bit of a pause before the win sound effect? It left me wondering if i'd found everything or not only for the music to jump scare me a bit haha. Speeding that up to be more instantaneous might hit home the sense of completion and speed you to the next level. Very cool!

2 days ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

I thought this was great! There's a lot of room to expand on this simple but fun idea! Unless I was doing something wrong, from what i could tell, once you started firing the balls they would all fire in the same direction. If there was one thing i wish i could do, it was fire in different directions in the same round! Otherwise I got stuck sometimes having to fire at something getting close to the top, but because of the angle, they wouldn't hit anything else in that same round. Maybe that was part of the challenge but I think it would make it more fun to give the player a little more control per round. And then add back in challenge with the above commenters suggestions, weirder shapes, sink holes, etc. Would love to see this as a fully fleshed out mobile game!

2 days ago

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