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Super Color Combat

Super Color Combat is a stick figure parody of the Legendary Mortal Kombat. The aim was to get the classic 90s feel mixed with modern day tech like HTML. Gamepads are supported.Instructions are in the comments at the site ->Link: https://kbbasic16.itch.io/super-color-combat

Element Fighters 2

Made this a month ago with Unity. Someone called this a Roblox Mortal Kombat which made me think of this site lol. Instructions are in gameWell, Roast awayLinks:-Webhttps://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/903204https://kbbasic16.itch.io/element-fighters-2- Downloadhttps://kbbasic16.itch.io/element-fighters-2-pc 

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Looks like a cool shooter

3 years ago

Hey dude, could you do me one favor because ive been getting this alot. Can you set your own custom keys before fighting by going to change controls. Then go to a fight and tell me if the character moves or still doesnt move. You would be helping debug a common problem with other computers. Thanks

3 years ago

Thx for the feedback.

3 years ago

Hey dude, I think you helped fix the problem. Now the game is forced to listen for keys through all points of the game. Can you tell me if it works for you now. Make sure its at newgrounds.com. Thanks

3 years ago

Hey man thanks for your help. I just decided to go ahead make a downloadable version. It fixed most peoples problems because they have all the files now. If you're still interested, the link is here
Go To Bottom And Download

3 years ago

And Press F4 to fullscreen

3 years ago

Wow Omg A Video, why didnt I think to ask people to send me one before smh.
First off thanks for actually showing me your problem. Now part of the problem in your case is that your computer isnt even loading the entire fight scene. If you noticed, my video shows the fighters animated and also 2 healthbars. In your case the game is frozen so there is an error.

Whats the error? For that I need you to open the downloaded version and press F12(This is like a debug). Tell me what the console says or link it to me. The error would be in javascript so I'd understand what its trying to say. Thanks again.

3 years ago

Never mind what I said about the video dude, I think I fixed. I think it had something to do with how the hp bars came in.

3 years ago

Just updated it on itch io. Now how does it run? You dont have to download it this time.

3 years ago

No man you helped alot, that 'frozen' glitch happened with a dozen other people using chrome. Idk about firefox, but the video you showed helped fix a flaw in the game with Chrome. With javascript, when you use 'var' then the browser might forget about it after you leave the function that var is in.

When your pc and others read my healthbar var after it got created, it forgot about it after the fight loaded. So when the game tried to use it again, the pc erased it already. Some pc's remembered, but others erased.

Overall, thanks to you I have better understandingof code and over 90% of chrome users can now run this.
Thanks man.

3 years ago

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