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Qwerty Road

Use the top row of your keyboard to launch cars into the air to save the lives of pedestrians crossing the Qwerty Road. This project is currently a work in progress so there are currently only 10 days and there are a few bugs and missing features. Enjoy!

UI Graphics Game Graphics

Although your menu was fairly basic, I liked that all of it worked well and the sound effects on the button clicks was a nice addition and made the click feel like they had impact.

I struggled with the first time I encountered wall jumping. It took me several attempts to get past the first wall because it felt like half the time I wasn't even jumping off the wall. I would have preferred if the jump key was bound to the space bar as it would have made jumping easier.

I really like the character design and idle animation but it would have been nice to see a different animation state for walking/moving. The guns sprites also look good but an animation or some kind of kick would be a nice addition.

Overall I liked the game although it was a bit short but it still has room for improvement such as visuals.

I look forward to more updates.

5 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

I say the graphics were my favourite aspect but I also loved the mechanics and sound, also the blurring effect looked really good.

I played this game for about 20 minutes but I got stuck on the level with the large tree and tree in a pot (sorry i forgot what level it was) I wasn't able to jump over a wall because just as I got near the top I would jump away from the wall. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was impossible. On several occasions I took me a while to work out where I was going, I don't know if was intentional or not so if you want that to be part of the game I would keep it in.

An option for 1080p resolution would be nice but overall I enjoyed the game and really like the art style.

Keep it up and I look forward to see what happens with this game.

5 years ago

Thanks for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed some aspects of the game.

The combo system definitely needs some work at the moment it is just based on getting five hits within an amount of time.

Just out of curiosity how many keys could you hit at once?

I also agree with the one life scenario I should add some more lives to give new players a chance to experience more of the game.

Thanks for the critique

5 years ago

Thanks for the feedback,

As far as rebinding keys goes I wanted to keep the controls to the top row of the keyboard as I find it it fits well with the ten lanes. I understand people wanting to be able to fully change the control so I may add a separate option that will allow the player to choose any key bindings.

I guess I could add slight changes in colour to the lanes to help distinguish the lanes from each other.

I'm glad you liked the game.

5 years ago

Qwerty Road