Ramen Shop Clicker Collectible Game


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Open up your very own ramen shop and destress with this relaxing idle clicker game! 

Ramen Shop Clicker Game features an easy-to-play tap to progress mechanic, fun autoclicker snacks to unlock and discover, areas to explore, coins to collect - and a whole lot of tapping clicker fun! Relaxing music, beautiful graphics, and everything you need to enjoy owning your very own ramen shop.


leoth-studio 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
hey there,
The graphics, UI, and sound looks very polish... good jobs!

The youtube video it's good to show the in game thing, however, if you plan to show it on google play, I suggest to cut it down at max to 30secs only. e.g. Show only the most interesting aspect of the game, or make 2x speed.

Another thing,
I think, it meant to be a clicker games right. One of the important aspect of the clickers is the "rush" or adrenaline pump which is still missing here. for example, instead of just adding +10 etc numbers, when doing the clicking, add bubble boiling, or noodle came off, meat being cooked animations, and if you're not fast enough something bad happen... think, that would make a clicker game more interesting to play.
(However require lotta efforts... :-) )

You're almost there... without any changes... I would think people still willingly to give it a go
Good Job & thanks for sharing!

Tom 9 months ago

Animation Story/Writing/Dialogue
The game is simpel i love that just need like
leoth-studio say a video in app store i just download the game and really like the messages in the game to help when i need to upgrate.
Roast Em


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