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Infect Effect

About The Game:Prepare to survive among other players. Infect Effect is multiplayer shooting game online. So bring your friends and challenge them. Choose between five kinds of bacteria. Each one has their own abilities. You can change the stats of each of your bacteria Health Health Regen Bullet Damage Accuracy Move Speed Body Damage Bullet Speed Reload Next Features: I will add leveling system this week, this should not take me too long doing that. the levels will be used to acquire items, to have access to other map and new bacteria in the future and more. New items and coins. you will be able to get them in shop or by killing players or NPC New maps but more difficult by adding traps and higher NPC lvl. Make teams and Challenge each other and bet coins or items You can play directly on my website. Just click to the link below:Play NowFollow On Discord:Discord Chat

Mechanics Animation

Nice work! This game is fun. Continue to make awesome games.

2 months ago

Thank you for your reply. For the rewards, I have new features I will add like leveling system, items, coins, loot, new maps, new creatures, etc. For the account, I can't remove that because, as I said, I will add a leveling system, items and coins so I don't want the player to lose his progression in game. Or maybe I will add an option that the player will not be obligated to create an account but he will lose his progressions. It's true for the description I need to add a tutorial or something. I will implement what you said. Thank you again.

2 months ago

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