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A modern take on the classical "Snake" game. Slither, mine, upgrade repeat!Instead of being annoyed by the obstacles on the map, destroy them with your snake and gain resources out of them. Use these resources later on to improve mining speed, add more lives, and more.

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I really love the graphics, but I feel like the first obstacles should not immediately kill the player. It would help to either give a second chance or at least provide the same obstacles consistently so that the player can learn how to avoid them.
Additionally, I'd say that the "jiggle" of a screen makes me uncomfortable to follow the scene with my eyes. If I understand it right, the point of it is to accompany the swim motion of the character, but it is just too hard on the eyes of the player in my opinion.

Great game!

10 months ago

Hey! No problem. Thank you for the feedback!

10 months ago

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