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Arcadium is a retro style space shooter game I've been working on for an year, and now it has been released on Play Store as Open Beta =)   The game follows the good ol' "get the best score" gameplay, but the alien waves and many other spawns are generated on the go, making it a unique experience everytime you play! Plus the game offers a mastery system that lets you permanently improve the spaceship stats or lets you unlock new spaceships! Looking for feedback!Play Store page : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ihgyug.arcadium

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Your game is quite good!!! I love the graphics, I love the simplicity, and I also think the game doesn't need a tutorial as suggested above, because it's extremely simple (a game without tutorials, where u have to learn by playing, is usually a better design approach, especially for such simple games).
What the game lacks is some "gameplay depth" to it, so u don't have to watch only. Something like a skill, or a technique, nothing too complex! Then it would be truly awesome!
Also, consider adding a velocity slider? So the game can play faster.
Anyway, good job and congratz on the game!

1 year ago