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Farts and Oxygen

Browser game! Fart your way through space debris. Be careful, your helmet's REALLY fragile! Your penniless astronaut butt couldn't afford better. Pro-Tip: You can fart in all directions ;D

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve

Very polished game, love how they wriggle and the lerps. Nice art. Great feedback whenever i click or get/lose a ball. Once i figured out my controls, I know exactly what my goals are and how to get there.

I couldn't figure out how to start on a later level from the front page, the speed increases were also a little too slow for me. So I only played past the first level.

I played on PC, and was momentarily confused by controls for a while.

It took me a while (before the first ball reached) to figure out what the instructions were referring to. As a person not knowing this game, everything on the screen is a "Thing" and hence I didn't know a thingy referred specifically to the creature, I was trying to move the fruit at first (maybe biased from Tetris).

Currently, the fingers are positioned in the sky way above the wriggly itself, which made me think I had to wait to tap the fruit. The yellow arrow that popped up and the lack of response from the fruit eventually allowed me to figure out the Controls.

Overall great work :) I had a hard time figuring out what needed most work, since everything was at such a high quality.

1 month ago

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