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Bulky Head

Who said that heads are used only for their intelligence? In this action packed addicting arcade, you are in an experimental lab to test various bulky heads for their physical abilities. Use a variety of bulky heads to smash angry cubes while avoiding nasty enemies and obstacles to achieve a high score.Features:-Pleasant to play with swiping controls!-Use a variety of Bulky Heads!-Smash Angry Cubes that appear on the arena!-Face incredible enemies-Achieve high-scores!

Controls Level Design

Gameplay wise, I really like one touch controls on phone games. It feels really fast paced and suiting in your game. It feels comfortable to play with.

However, just by watching the video alone, I can immediately see that this is very similar to many other mobile games I've played that involves objects falling from the sky and the player has to avoid it. Just by looking at the video/screenshots, I wouldn't have downloaded it. I've seen many successful games which takes similar gameplay from other games too, but just by adding unique mechanics/concepts to it really spiced up the game and makes it really special.

There are many ways you can make it feel distinctive, such as:
-Concept: Can be something funny, like have birds flying and drop their feces from the sky. You can also make it intense by having bombs and lasers shooting from the sky (just giving some examples here)
-Gameplay: add powerups, new game modes
-Game progression: instead of only increasing the spikes drop rate as the game progresses, try to vary the game. For example, you can make the spikes go in a zig-zag motion, or spawn 10% of spikes with a different color which explodes on contact

Good luck and happy game dev-ing!

2 years ago

Bulky Head