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BunnyCatch is a simple, procedurally generated, maze based puzzle game where you need to catch all rampant bunnies before the time runs out, by directing them towards their exits.Bunnies always try to move clockwise!Click on the ground to place a barrier to force a bunny to go the direction you want, and click a barrier again to remove it.The game is pretty much complete, it just needs testing!This project will be an ongoing excercise for me to try out different gameplay ideas, so please continue to give me feedback.Target platforms: iOS/Android/Windows/OSXBuilds for these platforms could be made on request.

Mechanics UI Graphics

The game mechanics feel very tactile and responsive, and there's a reasonable amount of scope for many 'tricks'. I enjoyed it!

However I'd say the presentation does need work. While I think the graphics are unique, they just didn't quite gel with me.

I think the GUI elements aren't distinct or big enough to see changes in my peripheral vision, and the "notes" or "messages" hanging from the right side of the screen didn't feel obvious that they required attention, as it took me a few seconds of clicking to figure out why I couldn't progress.

All of these criticisms are aimed at the presentation layer, which is obviously going to be the case if this is still in development, but great job and I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Thanks. :)

4 years ago

Thank you for playing my game! Your kind words have been a great boost of confidence for me, as I wasn't sure if it was really worth continuing development on this game any more.

I agree with all of your points, balancing is definitely an issue I need to work on, and I do have a plan to tie together successive games with difficulty being raised more gradually, along with pick ups that slightly alter game variables too.

You win by having captured all of the bunnies (the indicator on the top right) before the time has hit 0. There's a lot of work that needs to go into signalling such information to the player.

Thanks again!

4 years ago

Thanks for your review!

I agree with your comments, and I have a plan for something like an "evil bunny" to avoid too.

4 years ago

So's your face.

3 years ago


Pre-made levels and challenges is on my to-do list.

3 years ago

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