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Physics Animation

I agree with the person who said there needs to be visual feedback when stuff happens. When you pick up an item in any game there should be either an animation or sound effect or both. Pretty cool though.

3 months ago

How do I run the game? Is there not an executable?

3 months ago
Animation Mechanics

This needs all kinds of work. It looks good in all the ways that don't actually matter to a game being fun, meaning the presentation is good (good graphics, good sound, GREAT animation) . But it's, what, a mindless button-masher? I only discovered 2 moves that I could do, and the game froze after completing two levels. Lots of spelling mistakes too.

3 months ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Game has a nice atmosphere and I like the vines mechanic. It's original.

I got stuck in the room with the headless statue and a message about a hairpiece missing. If there's a way to look at my inventory I have no idea what it is, nor does there seem to be a way to backtrack. I tried everything I could think of doing in that room, like swinging on the gem ropes etc before eventually giving up.

I think the first enemy should be a little more lenient. I died on it 10 times. Even when I got to the next room I still died on it. There was one wordless tutorial window that came up, the meaning of which I couldn't understand.

Other than that, obviously any game with serious platforming (well I didn't get far enough to know IF there is serious platforming) ought to have gamepad/joystick support.

Good luck. It's most of the way to being a great game but needs more testing so hopefully you get more playtesters here.

2 months ago

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