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Infinite Desolation

Infinite Desolation is a fusion of intense top-down action and survival RPG, set on a harsh planet where your physical and mental attributes will be tested to their limits. To stay alive, you will have to battle not only hordes of tenacious creatures and robotic enemies, but also the environment. To even the odds, you will build up a pretty impressive arsenal of weapons and special abilities as you level up and explore the environments. Infinite Desolation is much more than a simple action game. Deep character progression, exploration and looting, crafting, day-night cycles, environmental hazards, classic survival mechanics and world-jumping portals are all part of the package. The one thing you can be sure of, is that everything here will try to kill you.

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

The colours, design, graphics and music are good and there's a lot of potential here. But instead of listing the good stuff, I think it's more useful to get into the things that need some work.

I'm writing this as someone who played the game for 10 minutes, so keep that in mind.

Firstly, I feel the ship was moving a bit too fast and twitchy. This is minor, because I'm sure others will disagree and you will need to find the correct setting that will make your target audience happy.

The bigger problem for me was that I just didn't know what was going on. I'm shooting some enemies, jumping portals, etc. But it felt unstructured and I didn't know the "rules" or what I was supposed to achieve or how to achieve it. For example, I have no idea how or why I got the blue laser. I think what's missing is easing the player into the world and explaining how things work with some kind of tutorial. More of a structured Missions approach, where Mission 1 is using one weapon and one background colour. Mission 2 brings in the first portal jump, explaining it. And so on.

Another minor point is that when playing on the XBox One controller, the red B button matches the red bullets, but the green A button is used for the blue laser. Would be nice to match these up.

Hope this helps!

4 years ago

Will do later this week. I will let you know how it went :)

4 years ago

I think you should remove any old builds that people can still find anywhere else.

4 years ago

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