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Trash Invasion

Trash Invasion (Early access) Catch trashes before they escape, kill monsters, upgrade your bins, complete all levels, beat your high-score. The game blends the learning how to sort trashes, together with engaging gameplay mechanics. Features:  - 5 Unique Levels - Extra Bonus Level - Collecting Monsters (monster boost cards mechanic) - Collecting Food (monsters feed mechanic) - Achievements - Monster Gifts Lottery - Recycling Tips - Multi-language support (translations in progress) The game is actively under development and can have drastic changes. It is important to know if the game is fun, which part is fun, which part is not. What can be changed.

Game Graphics Controls

Hi, I tried your game. It looks as an interesting concept. However, the walking is too slow, the accuracy with the mouse as well for picking up objects. It is not clear from the beginning what to do. The animals are super fast. Trees and other objects disappear once you look around (perhaps your camera frustum is too short). Would be good to put some ambient sounds.

1 year ago

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