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Will you save humanity? You are on a mission to find a new planet for humans to inhabit. In this story driven FPS space opera you will explore open world planets, find weapons, upgrade your character, and befriend alien species.The year is 2156 and Earth has been decimated. All that remains of the once great planet is desert and human life is dwindling due to water and food scarcity. You play as Landon, one of the last surviving humans, who stumbles upon a wormhole. The wormhole you accidentally find transports you light years across the universe to a strange and beautiful planet where you meet a new alien friend named Zip. With Zip as your guide, you will hunt for a new planet for you and your wife Jessie to inhabit and carry on human existence.   This story rich and atmospheric game poses many questions about what makes life worth living and how we as humans save our planet before climate change destroys it. Will you be the one to save humanity before it obliterates itself?Single player first person shooter Explore many surreal open world planets Find new weapons and upgrade your skills Dramatic and engaging story No inventory management and loot sorting Side missionsDownload DEMO HERE on STEAM HERE

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hi, Love the cute graphics. The thing I found confusing was the exit menu UI. The door to leave the menus is cool but if its not an X I feel like most people won' know its the way to leave the menu screens. Maybe put an X on the door sprite somehow. Also my first encounter with wolfs was a bit much right off the bat. I got surrounded by like 7 of them. Maybe If I could have just started with fighting off 1 or 2 wolves it would be easier. I died from them. Keep up the good work!

10 months ago

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