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I've been working on a project named BleedOut. I originally developed it using Python and Pygame, but I've since ported the project to the Godot game engine. The art for the project was realized using my not-so-stellar drawing skills and Paint.Net and currently act as placeholder assets until better ones can be realized. Other assets (music and sfx) were pieced together using open source material.   I'm looking for any feedback and constructive criticism from people who will take the project for what it is, a small scale game app which is meant to be played in short burst, purely for the goal of chasing highscores. The game is intended as a feature mini-game to an eventual larger scale project .  Quick Premise: Twitch is a depressed emo stalked by a "Shadow". The shadow is a manifestation of his own dwindling sanity and has an unquenchable thirst for blood. To quiet the incorporeal illusion's constant pleas for blood, Twitch lacerates himself and watches as the life drain from him... The more blood twitch looses, the stronger the shadow becomes.  WARNING: This game contains cartoon violence and light gore. Also, due to my own personal preferences, and because I thought it complemented the game's themes well, the music in game is mostly indie death metal. To anyone willing to try, if such music isn't your cup of tea, simply lower or mute the volume.HOW TO PLAY:- Use mouse to pick letters and solve words. - Escape to quit- Every right guess earns you points.-Every consecutive guess you get ride increases your score multiplier.- A wrong guess triggers blood loss- Every consecutive guess you get wrong will increase the blood loss ratio- You can use the torch to cauterize Twitch's wounds and stop bloodloss and reset loss ratio- You earn extra torch burns after a fixed amount of points acumulated- Solve enough words to move to the next stage and reset how much blood twitch has left.- Survive as long as you can!

Mechanics Game Graphics

What I liked:

- Great core mechanics
- Appropriate difficulty
- Overall physics

What I disliked:

The platform should always be visible to the player. As it is now, camera's focus on the actor makes it difficult to gauge platform's position when the actor is high in the air. Maybe the camera could zoom out in a manner that is proportionate to the actor's height.

2 years ago

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