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A tower defense game where the pathway and environment is randomly generated. Controls Mouse: Moving to the sides of the screen will pan the camera in that direction. Scrolling up and down on the mouse wheel will zoom in and out. Number Keys: Placement of the tower in your load out Q - Upgrade currently selected tower E - Sell currently selected tower P - Pause/Resume

Game Graphics Mechanics

- game feels too plain. it does remind me of this game: (https://youtu.be/XNCGdi2A6fQ?t=785) Perhaps you can take some inspiration there
- character feels a too floaty for a platformer. Increase the gravity in the Physics2D section. (I usually set it to -25 but do experiment)

- camera needs to be a smooth follow so the player doesn't lose sight of the ground first. (use Cinemachine 2D Follow)
- disable character movement when squished. (Either set Time.deltaTime to 0 or just disable character movement script)
- Your canvas is not set up properly to scale across resolutions. Thats why the score and height texts are big when exiting fullscreen. Use this tutorial to learn how to fix it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be4gDI8RZ2U)

- having an idle animation would be nice
- having a jump animation would also be nice
- some particles when jumping or when the blocks fall to the floor would be nice
- parallax backgrounds are cool too. try them out.

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