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Press all the buttons

Casual and addictive puzzle with intense game-play!   How to play: activate buttons by tapping on them. When button is activated it gains color. After fixed period of time button deactivates and becomes white. Find a way to have all buttons activated at the same time.   Hint: colors indicate activation time.     Features:   - Clean minimalist graphics and sound effects - Action based gameplay - 85 different levels

Game Graphics Mechanics

Hi. Very nice mini game. Everything feels smooth and soft. Good job. But i definitely would slow down the ball movement at start and then would slowly increase it to the possible limit.

My few ideas for your game expansion:
You should add some bonuses/boosts to pickup. The paddle that is controlled by player, you should add some bonus pick ups to paddle's trajectory of movement. Or add like two balls (i know how it sounds, right?) pick up, so there will be 2,3,4,.. balls on the playfield.

How about more movement and intercation. Let the playfield change its size(smoothly and slowly). Zoom camera out and in depending on playfield size.

Without these expansions your game looks good and plays smooth. - good game.

7 years ago

I've just added my mini puzzle game. And would love to know your opinion, check this link if you have time: https://roastmygame.com/game/press-all-the-buttons

Thank you

7 years ago

Mechanics! It is all about the mechanics,right? Personally i think it is the most underrated thing nowadays.
How about some different game modes? Like 4 or 5 shapes. Or shapes in the center of the screen.

7 years ago

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