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The most enjoyable portable device game ever made!Simple as tap + gets more exciting by playing.Start your adventure in space where shapes need to be destroyed by your input.Collect shapes, fill your progress ring and break records.Play with 3 powers that help you reach higher scores and more shapes for progress.The magic 3 powers: Time Wrap [ slows shapes moving speed ] Whack a Shape [ your next actions will not miss any shape ] Lives [ mistakes happen ]

Game Graphics Physics

Everything looks and works like it should, but maybe it's worth to speed up little bird to move faster?
Movement was too slow for me.

2 years ago

Thanks for the roast/feedback/questions :)

Some answers:
- You progress to fill the pie chart full and watch how it sparks at 100% [ for now ]
- The adverts should show only on each 2nd play
- Working on better explain/use for that power up, but you got it correct - when active any hit touches the correct shape!

About the other stuff:
- Need to remove that permission to manage calls [ some chartboost extra that is not needed ]
- Don’t know about that :D Looks that it’s the way to go.

2 years ago

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