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Dying Oceans

This is a game about ocean pullution where you play as a fish trying to survive the plastic and humans. Use the mouse or touch to move the fish around. You must dodge plastic in the ocean, escape fishermen, and find food to survive.This game was made to educate people about what humans did to the ocean.#playing4theplanet©Copyright 2020. SaberTooth Studios Games

Physics Animation

Great Game! The physics in this game is nice!

5 months ago


5 months ago

Hey, isn't this game one of the gdevelop tutorial demos? I don't think you made this, the screenshots look exactly like the pre-made demo from gdevelop, and the bike racing game you made is also one of the gdevelop tutorial games.

5 months ago

Thanks for your feedback! We are working on fixing hitboxes, they glitch out on some screen sizes, while work on others, what pixel size is your screen that you play on?

2 months ago

=^. .^=

2 months ago

Space Probe

Dying Oceans