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Dungeon of dawn Alpha

Dungeon of dawn is a game where you kill monster, level up, get some good loot and more! as you can see the game still in alpha because it's the version 0.0.2. remember that it's just an alpha a lot of thing will be different in the final version! every 2 weeks there is a new boss  with legendary drops! the max level is 10000000 and same for max stats. I hope you will enjoy :)                                                                                                                    Sadly Roast my game only accept Zip files of 20 MBbut my game takes way more XD so here is the link to Itch.io Click here for the game :) Here's the discord server  https://discord.gg/kKCVbDSS


I like the dialogue it's very good

7 months ago

Oh yeah sorry :\ my bad I forgot to delete the game on roast my game because I can't upload it. But hey here's the link

7 months ago

Really sorry boi but I deleted my game :| I don't work on rpg maker anymore

4 months ago

Gravity Swap