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Learning To Fly

This is a coming of age kinetic novel with adult content.Jesse is a boy who's been on the move all his life.  Upon finally settling down for good with his older brother Jordan, Jesse meets Caleb and instantly his life changes forever. Follow Jesse on his journey as he finds himself and overcomes the hardships of life and growing up as he learns to fly over his troubles and worries.

Controls Animation

The controls are fine just click, point, click.

The animation definitely needs some improvement.

Overall, not bad for a short game.

3 years ago

I'm sorry you feel that way, but you were warned in advance. I also believe I stated I'm no artist.
If you didn't like any aspect of it, I would suggest you do not download chapter 2, which is under development.

By the way, what does awkfyulo mean?

3 years ago

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