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Forging History: the Big Bang

Start your journey through the HISTORY of the UNIVERSE and MANKIND! “Forging History: The Big Bang” is a new puzzle game (for browser) that revolves around recreating the conditions that triggered the BIG BANG


It look really fun! It's a shame that I couldn't try it... Could you plase add the link or the download?

2 months ago
Game Graphics

The pitch of the music is too high... the graphic is really cute tho

1 month ago

The browser link doesn't work

1 month ago

Thanks a lot! We'll keep it in mind for sure!

1 month ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I'd suggest putting the tutorial right below the game. Also, i found some disturbance in the music... but the game is cool! Keep it up

1 month ago
Level Design

I'm using the browser version and it is a little slow... it makes it hard to play, but the concept is good!

1 month ago

Gloria's Journey

Forging History: the Big Bang