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Guess the Anime Quiz 2020

In This Game You'll Play A quiz About The Most Known Animes In The World.Test Your Knowledge,Answer The Questions and Progress To Other Levels To Collect A Bigger Point Bonus.Try It Now !!!

Foxy World: Rise Of Robots

*ABOUT THE GAME : Foxy World.The interesting third part that went out of the natural story lights in the previous parts, to the story of an EPIC and Fantasy with new characters and other heroes, in addition to Foxy owning the power of fire. One day, robots attacked the land of Forest where Foxy and his friends are present, after they invaded the entire human world and after they took control of three lands, the land of ice, the land of darkness and the land of the desert. Your task is to save the world from robot control and to liberate the four lands from the grip of robots after you take on the task by supernatural creatures(PROTECTOR OF FORBIDEEN FOREST & LEGENDARY FAIRY OF LAND OF ICE). Be the leader of your adventure while following a very interesting story to finally wipe out robots. The game has multiple and wonderful features that open a door for you in the world of fighting and fantasy out of the entire stories. Also,you’ll take your adventure in the air by riding a plane. The game will let you play it with an ispirational feelings and learn good lessons. Be among the people who try this game that has the character of fantasy and suspense and excitement in addition to the drama and a story parallel in its contents wonderful fantasy stories. High graphic game and good sound effects. A game with distinct settings helps you to play smooth without difficulty. *GAME FEATURES : -High Graphics & Sounds Effects. -More than large 19 Levels are available in the game. -An Epic,Action,Adventure & Dramatic wonderful storie. -Different Places & Areas are available. -Embrakking a different style of adventure games. -New Characters & Heroes to meet them in your trip. -Different Robots & Robot Bosses. -Night & Day Style is available. -Easy Control and gamepad of Directions & Attack. -Auto Dialogue.

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The Game Is Cool But It Needs Some Improvement

4 years ago

Smash Ringtail Cat

Foxy World: Rise Of Robots