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Penguin Pat Hologram is an augmented reality game for iOS most similar to whack-a-mole. It's most unique and compelling feature is that the game is rendered as a hologram.

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The game looks great, the controls feel great. I can FEEL the spring in his jump it's really good. There is one huge problem. I die in this game every 10 seconds. You die over and over. This is fine. The problem is that it takes me waaaaay too long to respawn. I have to go through a couple menus and watch a few animations to get alive again. For every 1 second of gameplay I go through 10 seconds of menus. It's almost unplayable. You should do something about this ASAP. It's the difference between an unplayable game, and one of the best games on the App Store.

4 years ago

I forgot to add promo codes for testing, so I will include those now in this comment as I could not edit the original post. To use, open the App Store, scroll all the way down, click redeem, and enter the code for a free download of the game.


Thank you.

4 years ago

Although the graphics were a bit of a turnoff, I tried the game. The gameplay is actually very unique and fun so I like this game. With the amount of ads you have to watch to get more "seeds" you're really pushing your luck. Find a better balance where I get to actually play the game a bit and don't want to uninstall it after 10 seconds. If I was allowed to play for any length of time without watching ads, I would play this game in spite of the hilarious graphics. Great unique idea for gameplay.

4 years ago

I played Math and Magic. So the concept and title are the least appealing things I think kids have ever seen. Having said that, once you start playing and get into it, it's a nice distraction while you wait for your flight or whatever. This is what mobile games are for. The graphics are borderline good. The ads are an eyesore but they don't prevent me from playing the game which is surprisingly common.

I give this game a 6/10 in the "Math Games" category, and a 2/10 in the "Overall Games" category. Next time I would suggest starting with a fun idea and then going from there. Try to think of some way to make your game unique, whether its gameplay, look, something.

4 years ago

I mean the graphics are fine. It's an iOS game, not Fallout 4. But the frequency of the adds is killing the game. Making the ads show up less often would be great. Right now the ratio is 75% ads 25% gameplay. Maybe reverse that. It's a very neat concept though. Very difficult game. I would be interested to see if I could master it!

4 years ago

Thanks for your review!

I understand what you are saying. You can rack up points, but there is really no reason you would want to. I need to add something to spend your points on like currency. This will give players a reason why they should collect points in the first place. If players want to earn points, then they will be more emotionally involved. As of now, my game is like World of Warcraft if you only ran around killing monsters, and never levelled up or gained additional powers. Cool I guess, but does not compel us to play further.

I get what you're saying! The hard part is to think up what the heck the points could be spent on.

Thanks again for your review!

4 years ago

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