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Block Blaster

This is my first Android game. Any feedback appreciated.Block Blaster is a shooting game where you control your square and shoot at enemy squares that rain down on you.- New Enemy: squares that shoot back at you in a variety of ways. Drops gold and healing items.- HP System: you no longer lose the game in 1 hit.- Stages: allows you to take on the challenge bit by bit- Boosters: allows you to power up your square during a game. Unlock new boosters to be super powerful- Bosses: waiting for you to discover. You can't get past without destroying it.- Upgrades: makes you stronger and makes boosters go crazyFeatures:- Free to play- Simple and easy control: your square is under your finger- Can be played offline- Agility and a lot of action Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jadenlin.fireup2018

Mechanics Game Graphics

The game gets harder and harder which is good. I am sure it will be challenging. Try to get better graphics that blend into the background.

3 years ago

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