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If you're going to copy the crossyroad look, you should examine it more closely to replicate it better. Nothing makes a game look cheap like a not-quite copy of a popular artstyle.
Your tones are too dark and don't fit with each other in a palette the way they should.

You need to somehow show the viewer of your trailer how the game will be challenging . If the game is all about timing skill then you need to find a way to express how a player is being skillful is playing and give an impression of the difficulty by showing what failure looks like.

3 years ago

The Photoshop emboss filter is so well recognised and unattractive that you would be far better off with flat colours. Quick tricks to improve visuals get used by everyone to the point where their comical commonality makes them worse than no tricks at all.

3 years ago

You can apply my previous comment to the fonts as well. There's plenty of public domain fonts out there for download, using a font that comes with windows or photoshop will make everything look cheaper

3 years ago

The video looks really great, I watched it muted the first time, then tried the sound out. I think that showed me that there needs to be some work there. The music choice is a very techy/sci-fi track which is kind of minimal and slow, it doesn't match the pace and setting or this video. I would go for something more upbeat and high energy with more traditional sounding instruments.
The visuals say "Wow! Loud fast bright moving colours!" so the music should be something like high speed JPop or jungle breakbeats etc.
The barrel shoot sound also, after just a few seconds is already repetitive and annoying, making some more variants would go a long way.

3 years ago

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