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a short, paddle and ball game about suicide and ignorance

Other: Self

Other: Self is an adventure/ exploration game about an empty man who seeks to fill himself through other, empty people. He wanders around the streets, gathering shattered pieces of his lost times to come to a realization. "She left, then died. for some reason, a bunch of handwritings that seems to be hers is given to me. Give me a hand as I try to recreate our memories, and to make sense of 'her', The one who knew didn't deserve to live." Help him avoid those who he calls "distractions". Find objects that hold memories of the now-desperate self and papers that hold the emotions of the now-cold other.In-game controls: Hold [mouse] to move, Hold and drag horizontally to rotate.

Walking on Abyss: Fort-Da

What is the answer to loss? To cry and scream, forever clinging onto what is forever gone? Grief? To cruelly close one's eyes and heart, forever forgetting and cursing what is unforgettable? Apathy? Or to childishly play a game of godhood, forever wandering to recapture or to recreate what was once yours, while mindlessly clinging unto the faith that "it is forever yours"? Fort Da? Say, the newborn, once you're on the abyss, among your brother and sister Altar and Altura, What will you do? Will you get stuck, imprisoned in the abyss, like them?

Mechanics Level Design

liked the game. the mechanics are simple and fun to play around with but here are some recommendations maybe? :
- first of all, it would be better if you turned the color of the goal something more attractive (red maybe?) it took a while for me to realize that I have to go there.
- in the first level, you gave me a toy to play with (building platforms) and in the second you suddenly took it away. it's better to let me play a bit more with my toy and then introducing new ones (in a way that they are related to each other and are needed to be used in collaboration with each other(from collaboration I mean having each of these verbs/mechanics EFFECT on each other and using that effect is needed to progress through the game). it just makes it feel more deep and intresting)
- in the second level, you introduced two new objects, while it's possible to beat the level without the use of any of them. I still don't know what that red square does.
- the green squeare's behavior is a bit misleading. it moves vertically when my avatar does so, but only moves horizontally when it's attached to a wall or something. it's a hard thing to remember.
- the portals feel out of place and have completely no relation with other objects or mechanics (building blocks/ green square) which means they don't provide any new situations and choices
- the third level was a good one, cuz placing platforms recklessly meant I would stuck. I did, and didn't found any "restart button"
- when you pause, the timer goes on :P
- please stop introducing a new mechanic every new level. the earliest level with buttons and doors, I'm stuck and I don't now what to do. it's waaaay better to focus on wanting the player to use already existing mechanics (the green square/ building blocks) in collabration with each other and in new ways to solve the puzzle. they have a lot, A LOT of potential to provide intresting player choises and depth to the game and yet in every new level it felt like it's a wasted potential.

- take everything I said with a grain of salt. I could be wrong or not giving enough attention, but I hope mentioning these would help you :D

5 years ago

sorry for typos tho :P

5 years ago

really liked it and had fun with it. but just to talk about it, it's kind of is turning into a cliche (specifically after all the attention that works like DDLC has attained)
next time doing something like this, it would be really good if you could give some more characterization and personality (which you kind of did in this one) and an actual character arch to the being who the player is interacting with and is interrupting the game.

5 years ago
Game Graphics

I cannot play it, but, the game looks UNBELIEVABLY UNIQUE!
no, I'm not joking. seriously, the art style can be considered the most amateur art style possible, but this itself is giving a really nice, comedic and unique artistic and Visual Identity.
it's not standard, but it is appealing. the same way the art style of silent hill 2 and games like LISA the first and Yume Nikki are called appealing. none of them are good looking as let's say, Zelda botw, but they don't need to be. the unique use of art style has turned into the good of the game design and concept, instead of following common cliches.

5 years ago