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Swords Mark the Spot

DOWNLOAD: game is in beta. Feedback is appreciated! Your goal is to dig up a buried treasure. To find the treasure, you must visit stone tablets with pieces of the treasure map etched on them. Meanwhile, wandering monsters will be an ever-present threat. Your party of adventurers must learn skills and gain items as they search if they are to survive their quest. 1600x900 resolution works best; I haven't tested any others. This game is a work in progress; there may be bugs and/or freezes or crashes. There is a Linux version, but I haven't tested that either. Caveat lusor (player beware :) )

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hi TristanMX!

I picked up this game because because of the screenshot. It looked like a fun strategy game. Being a god and earning power by being worshipped is similar to Black & White, which is a game I like.

The first problem I noticed is the grammar. Obviously, if English is not your first language, there's little you can do about it yourself, but getting a native speaker to proofread it would be helpful. Also, the Ms in the font look like Ns.

My biggest complaint is that it was hard to figure out. I only played for 15 minutes before quitting because there was so much going on, and I don't think the tutorial covered it all. For example:
-The game said I couldn't recruit the first Fervent because I didn't have enough might even though I started with 600. That confused me and I didn't know what might was or where it was displayed.
-The temple screen on the right keeps cycling through different things and generating energy on its own, and a red bar keeps filling up, but I have no idea what it's doing or why.
-Faith per click is mentioned, but I don't know what I'm supposed to be clicking on.
-Clicking on the bar to show your objectives doesn't seem intuitive.

I'd also try to keep the art style more consistent. The characters and inside of temple are done with pixel art, but the main overhead view looks like it was done in MS Paint or something.

Keep it up, though. Tutorials are hard to make. The most important thing is to teach the main mechanics (clicking, hiring) and save all the other details (like stat bars) for when they're needed. You've also got a lot of tooltips, so keep that up. It's handy to be able to find out what something is just by clicking on it.

2 months ago

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