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 sorry i accidentaly uploaded twice and i can not delete it

A game about excessive cellphone use

"Us" its about cellphones and lack of interpersonal interaction. Its a pretty fun game, and i've made it in less than a month. I would like if you could check it out and let me know what you think. Download now:

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hi! I really liked the concept. I love online games i know how difficult it can be to make one, so i totally respect this game. By the way i have to say that it was difficult for me to learn the basics of crafting (i guess). I couldnt find out how to craft a thing or i didnt find the objects that i needed to do so. The game was fun anyways (i chated with another player about cats and dogs haha) and the esthethic was cool, but as someone already said in the comments, the game looks like its a prototype, not as a finished one. Keep working on it because its great :).

9 months ago

Hi! Can you be more specific please? Btw i'm working in another game with a team and i wont be making too much. Thanks for playing!!

8 months ago

Thank you! That's great! Keep working on Game Maker, its a really good platform for begginers since its really easy to code and do almost everything. For the code...humm. yes? hahaha. Talk to me by discord lukakiwi#7191

8 months ago

Morterra - Survival Browser Game