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Always Green

Always Green a fast paced tapping game!You only have one must always, always touch the green key, respond quickly to changes, if you touch the wrong one, the game is over if you are very slow the game is over. Do you think you are up to the challenge?So ... I'm looking for feedback for the next version to see what I can add to improve the game

Zero Reaction

You have to survive avoiding obstacles and collecting points... easy... right?Fast-paced hypercasual reaction game, how long will you survive?. Just touch the screen to move to the left and right. Run through the void while dodging red obstacles and capture all the points! Think fast and react fast to reach incredible speeds!

Pro Air Hockey

Fast paced Air Hockey table top game. With three levels of difficulty the computer can be a good match for anyone!  The game is perfect for all levels of players, from beginners to average players and experts.    Fun and easy to play hard to master. It will help you improve your focusing skills!

Round - Hyper casual Platformer

Bounce the ball and avoid touching the spikes with an intuitive gameplay. How far will you go? What will your best score be?


A fighting game with a different twist, learn when to jump and when to attack, dominate your opponents with your strategy and agility in this robot fighting game.This game has two versions, one for PC and one for mobile devices each version works differently and has unique features.The PC version has support for up to 4 players making it an arcade party game.I hope you can play, share and share your ideas to improve this game!

Slap A Boss

You wake up one morning and there is no time to explain... but you have the need to slap a boss... slap your way through and get to the boss!   A 5 minute experience slapping everyone!

Cannons Warfare classic

Cannons Warfare is a fun game of precision and a lot of skill, in which you are put under the command of tanks in games in which the aim and your strategy will take you to the victory. Combat in all kinds of landscapes with different climates that will play in favor or against your aim, enjoy  eliminating your enemies with cannonballs. Test your visual acuity and control, destroy the opposing tank before he finishes you. Master all your battles.

Beacon of Neyda

In a world where a robot revolution failed, the last humans search for a way to survive and escape. Beacon of Neyda is a side-scroller strategy game where you have to survive waves of enemies while creating and upgrading your base. Build where you want - Defend what you can.  The “rusty ones” roam the dead lands of this world, their revolution failed but the world is in ruins, help humanity to escape. Beacon of neyda is a strategy game where you have to build and defend your base from waves of enemies.   Manage to repair the main towers of the bases to win and create safe spaces but be careful, fighting alone is not always the best option, defend yourself and protect the core of your base at all costs.   Explore different abandoned locations and be careful as your surroundings can also be dangerous. Research new technologies to improve your constructions and discover the history behind this world, its truths and its lies.   In Beacon of Neyda you are the last hope of this world… Are you up to the challenge?   Follow us in our Discord community for news and development progress.

Mechanics Game Graphics

The graphics would have to improve a little more especially the special effects although more importantly the audio, really needs a lot more work for a better integration to the game. I liked that it is a simple game and the basic mechanics.

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Gracias por tu feedback!

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Hey thanks for the feedback!

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Zero Reaction

Slap A Boss

Snake Island


The Fixies Cinema


Beacon of Neyda